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Great Golfing Assist Device

The JJ Tee Up puts the golf ball and the tee together and into the ground without bending over. NO MORE BENDING OVER! A great gift for someone needing a golfing assist device. Great golf equipment.

Great Gift

The JJ Tee Up is a great golf equipment assist device for anyone who has back or hip problems or just stiff bending over.  It makes a great gift too.


The JJ Tee Up cost $39.95 plus shipping.  When you order, it goes out the same day you order and is delivered within two to three days so you can get back on the course.


Hold the JJ Tee Up just past horizontal, place the golf ball and tee together in the jaws, close the jaws, hold the JJ Tee Up vertical and place in the tee in the ground.   Let the jaws open, place the JJ Tee Up off to the side, strike the ball, pick up the JJ Tee Up and use it to pick up the tee or ball if necessary.